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Poems I Wrote Years Ago...... A Mixture

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Farewell life I'm on my way 
I cant go on living another day
There is nothing that makes me want to go on
But go to sleep at night and not wake to the dawn
Why must I live as I do
Where friends and family are few
And why must I want to be
Alive, happy and free if it's not for me
I can't smile at all
And lately I always fall
But I cant get up and grin 
Because I  know I can't win
This losing battle pretending to be glad
When all I feel is sad
So please let me die
So I wont have to cry
Myself to sleep at night
When I turn out the light
Wishing for someone to be there
For someone to really care
But that isn't here just now
And I can't allow
My life to stay so awful and down
So I shall die without a sound
And you shall bury me in the ground

written in the 8th gr. 13yrs old

what is this world coming to
and how will it all end
voilence on eery street corner
murder,corruption everywhere
without thoughts to others
only yourselves
families torn apart
churches no longer full
Hope and belief,gone
fighting ,argueing
everywhere you turn
theres no escape
friendships lost,none gained
no one cares at all
bang bang
someone's been shot
no one stops to help
people rush by
thankful to be alive
but not enough to help
someone in need
innocent people and children
have no home,no food
no where to go
those who can give-dont
everyone just cares for themselves
a scream
another rape victim
another gang fight
a childs been stabbed
a child has been taken,kidnapped
yet everyone walks on
as though nothing is wrong
what is happening
what is this world coming to

written in gr.6 11 yrs.

remember when we used to always talk
remember all our romantic walks
remember when we always had fun
remember when our relationship had just begun
remember the times you told me it was ok to cry
remmeber when you told me to try
remember when you were there for me
remmeber how we used to be free
remember all the fun we have had
remmeber both the good and bad
remmeber when you told me you cared
remember you told me youd always be there
remember when we promised forever
remember when you broke my heart,remember

written sept.1991 gr.8 13yrs old

ABORTION-the unborn childs point of view
Mommy please help me they're tearing me apart
Hurry mommy soon they'll take my heart
I guess that soon I am going to die
So I will spend my time left saying goodbye
Goodbye the things I will never see
The birds, the grass the pretty trees
I'll never have the chance to see what everyone can
I'll never even learn to stand
I'll never crawl,I'll never walk
I'll never get the chance to talk
I'll never smile,I'll never cry
Instead of 70 I will be 12 weeks when I die
I'll never get to have a sister or brother
Or officially meet my father and mother 
I won't get to learn about God by going to church
I'm giong to die soon and oh how much this hurts
I can't stand it momma feeling this pain
If I was alive in the real world I'd be going insane
But I will never have the chance to live my life
Or grow up to have kids and a wife 
I wont get to go to school to learn
Or see a campfire burn
I'll never hear a single sound from earth 
I won't even live until my birth
Goodbye,momma,they've just about reached my heart
The rest of my body has been torn apart
You know I'm sure if you met me you'd want me to live
But my life your taking away when your supposed to give
Don't worry momma,I forgive you even though I'm just about dead 
I just wwish you'd let me live instead
Goodbye momma,depsite it all I love you
I only wish you'd love me too.

written gr 8 14 yrs

we come together face to face
drawn to each other in an embrace
we kiss-oh it is heavenly
i melt in your arms as you hold me
I melt at the look in your eyes
I love you and no other guy
there is no one who will ever mean more
your love for me has opened a door
a door i thought would a;ways be closed
but to love me is what you chose
look at me, just once again
we are lovers people more than just friends
hold me in your arms real tight
dont let go stay with me thru the night
it was you the one for me only you
you arose feelings inside that i never knew
existed,darling i need you more than you know
i will never ever let you go
so baby love me,hold me always
i shall love you forever and a day

written at 13 gr.7(i think)of what i thought love should be like

i shiver as i walk thru the pouring rain
nothing i do can ease this aching pain
it hasnt been al lthat long since youve been gone
i wonder what had ever went wrong
i thought that you said in me you could trust
so whatever happened between the two of us
i never expected it to come to this
the end of heaven,the end of pure bliss
why'd you go,why'd you kill yourself
i was there if you thought there was no one else
our friendship was important to me
why wasnt forever happiness meant to be
for no reason your own life you took
its like closing a half read book
if you came back we could start over again
i'll miss you forever my dear friend

gr.5 or 6

Time to Let Go
Fly,fly to Heaven Little One
Your stay here is done
For God is calling to you
Your stay here is almost thru

Hurry on to your new home
Now child,it's time to leave,please don't groan
For you're going to a new home for good
Now,hurry on,you know you should

For when Thy Lord calls you,you know it's time
To leave us,don't worry,it's no crime
Now go child,please don't make me cry
For I really do hate to see you die

But I can't hold on for always
Now hurry on,he's counting the days
For little one it's time to go
I'll see you again,when it's my time you know

Now please don't cry,you just can't stay
Now on your bed you body,still,shall lay
Now close your eyes real tight
For it's your very last night

Don't worry you'll feel no pain
It's only your family that will go insane
Bye my love,bye for now
I've held on as long as time will allow

Written in grade 5

I feel I must go now
It's my time
To stay around here
Would be a crime
I can't allow
Myself to be so sad
I hate living this way
Minute by minute
Day by day
I'm sorry if I hurt you
I'm sorry if you cared
But when I needed you
You just weren't there
Goodbye my friend
It's time I go
My life will end
My tears will no longer flow
It will be better
WIth me dead and gone
Goodbye my love
My living was wrong

Written October 8,1993

**I Wish My Wish* (a song)

As each day goes by
It's easier for me to realize
You're not coming back
To me
I had a dream you'd come here
Looking for me my dear
But I guess you never will
Come for me


How could I have let love pass me by like that
How could I have let you slip through my fingers
And now I know you're not coming back
I wish my wish came true
I still love you

I dreamed for nights on end
You'd come even only as a friend
My life ain't worth living
Without you
I tried as each day went by
To forget you boy did I try
But my mission was impossible
To forget you

Repeat Chorus:

Spoken Bridge:

I look upon the stars in the bright sky
They remind me of you
I look at them and I cry
I wish oh how I wish it wasn't true

Repeat Chorus to end
(written at 14 yrs of age)
             Daddy Daddy
Daddy,daddy, you're hurting me
Daddy, is this alright
Please take your hands off me
Please leave me alone tonight,
Why do your hands touch me so
Roam all over my body
Daddy,I'd really like to know,
Why you are doing this to me
Daddy,why can't I tell anyone,
Does every dad do this to his daughter,
Daddy,this isn't very fun
Is this the rightful act of a father
Daddy,now what are you doing to me
Something's inside of me daddy,and causing me pain,
Daddy,why must this be
This hurt and pain is driving me insane
I need to scream daddy,it hurts so much,
Please don't cover my mouth with your hand,
Daddy, I just don't like your touch
Daddy, this I just can't understand,
Daddy,daddy why are you breathing so hard
And what is pushing into my body
Will I always have to be on guard
Afraid that you'll again touch and hurt me
Daddy,I'm begging you-please leave me alone
I don't want this to happen anymore
Daddy,why can't I let this be known,
Does this happen to everyone,I want to know and be sure
Daddy,Daddy please stop touching me
I hate it daddy,and I hate you too
Daddy,please get off me and out of my body
Daddy please-this is only pleasurable to you
Daddy,daddy, please stop now
Daddy,daddy can you hear me cry,
I swear if you do it again,I'll tell
Daddy,either that,or I die

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