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My Light Side ..... Love and Laughter and Light


Love, the one reason for entering the light.The pull from the darkness. To know love is to know the truest and purest form of light.To walk with love is to walk in the light.

.We all have our light side,mine is just harder to find.Here are my poems of love and laughter and just happy thoughts all inspired by the people around me that I love:)

Light..... its exists all around but to live in it ... it's a place I only visit and not very often.




I'm falling hard,I'm falling fast
Afraid I'll lose you,yet afraid this will last
Not sure what it is I feel
Afraid that I'm falling,this is real
Happier than I've been in so long
With you I feel I belong
Scares me that I have fallen for you
That these feelings are real true
Not sure If I should stay or run
I'm afraid of what's already begun
Don't want to get hurt,but what to take the chance
Make me smile with a simple word,A single glance
When we kiss I can feel my heartbeat
Makes me frightened,want to run,retreat
Makes me want to never let go
Afraid to win or lose,to let my feelings show
Make me happier than I've been before
So do I give in to my fears or them do I ignore
I wish I knew what it is I should do
All I really know is  I am scared and care for you

Souls meeting
Meshing as one
Two hearts in love
It's all just begun
Eyes meet
Across the room
Bodies join
Not a moment too soon
A single kiss
And sparks flew
A simple touch
A love so true
One simple night
True love would grow
A chance meeting
You never do know



Once in a lifetime
True love will come
Without warning
Without being asked
It just hits you
Out of the blue
When you least expect it
Least wish for it to
Hits you hard
Knocks you down flat
Leaves no room for denial
Love answers no questions
And leaves you aching
It's confusing,yet beautiful
Plays with your heart
Leaves you yearning for more
Yet fulfills you
In ways you've never imagined
That no mind,no heart
Can ever dream of
Love can be fleeting
Lasting only a second or two
Or it can be forever
Lasting throughout eternity
Love leaves no path uncovered
No feelings unexplored
Allows no secrets
Love comes and love goes
Love dies and love grows
(march 9,2002)


Love is complex
Yet so simple
A gentle touch
A single caress
A meeting of minds
A meshing of souls
Combining of hearts
An expression of emotion
That mere words can not explain
Love is basic
Yet full of complications
Twists and turns
That leave you waiting
Intense meeting of souls
Furious,yet calm
Love touches each part of us
Stays with us
Long after the passion has died off
Love is glorious and free
Love is destiny
(March 11,2002)


What is it I feel deep inside for you

Why cant I get you out of my head

These feelings are so new to me

So deep and intense, yet so real

I know how I feel for you is true

So forward through the confusion, I tread

I love you, more than a friend, cant you see

I only wish I knew what it is you feel

I want to take us a step forward now

I want to see if we are good as one

Ive tried to hide from what I feel for you

But Im thru running from my love

I want a chance at us, if this you will allow

To let things flow, as it has already begun

Where this will all lead, I havent a clue

But these feelings are no longer ones I can shove

Behind me pretending they dont exist

When we both know that they do

I tried to, we both tried and it didnt work

So why run from them anymore

Im drawn to you, a lure I can no longer resist

I care for you a lot, its all so true

Deep inside me, these intense feelings lurk

The way I feel for you makes my heart soar

We started out as close friends

Sharing our secrets and pains and fears

Confiding and consoling one another in times of need

Laughing and sharing, talking about nothing at all

Frustrated, confused each other to no end

Countless times, youve helped calm my tears

Youve opened my heart, now my love is freed

Ive answered loves alluring, tempting call

I want to be with you this I know

I love you this I know


****What I Feel For You****
I don't think mere words
Could ever begin to describe
How I feel for you
The love I have inside
I love you more than life itself
I love you more with every breath I take
Every hour of everyday
I think of you and the love we share
When I close my eyes
My mind is filled with images of you
When I go to sleep
I dream about you,being in your arms
Holding you,loving you,kissing you
When I wake up,it's with a smile
From a night full of thoughts of you
Wherever I am,whatever I'm doing,you're always there
In my thoughts,in my mind,in my soul
You are part of me
I smile,I laugh because of you
I am happy,giddy from your love
You make me feel loved,special
Like I'm truly a someone
You are the greatest love in my life
My love for you has no end
No boundaries,no conditions
I love you freely,without hesitation
Without fear
I love you now and I'll love you forever
It will never fade,it will never die
Our bond is too strong to be destroyed
We are one meant to be
Nothing equals the love I have for you
The way you make me feel
I love you


When I am with you
Time flies by
When we're apart
It drags on and on
When we talk I'm filled with joy
Filled with happiness,I smile,I glow
When you're away from me
I'm moody,despondent
You've brought the light into my life
You brighten up my darkest days
Take the dark and cloudy skies away
You fill me with a sense of wonder
A feeling of joy,love,acceptance
You've helped me grow stronger as a person
Allow me to remain an individual
You encourage me in all I do
Help me see the truth for what it is
When I am too blind
or stuck in a web of self loathe to see
That the path I've chosen is not the one meant to be
You are there for me
Never tell me what to do
Where to go or how to act
Always accept who I am
You never judge me,never set limits
Trust me to do the best I can
To be the best I can be
And when I falter you are a step behind
Encouraging me,guiding me towards the path I need to follow
Always there when I need someone to talk to
A shoulder to cry on or a good laugh
A nudge,kick in the right direction
Never tell me what or how I think is wrong
Always accepting me for who I am
Loving me for me,not who you want for me to be
Just for me,for who I am
You are my bestfriend,my true love
I only hope you know I'm here for you
The way you are for me
For eternity


****MY LIGHT****

When I think of you
My heart pounds
And I am filled
With a strong deep
Intense feeling of love
A feeling of joy
Of happiness
Just the thought of you
Makes me smile
Makes me glow
The thought of us
Brings a smile
To my face
You bring the light into my life
Make me feel
Feelings I never knew existed
Feelings so strong,so intense
I can feel your love
Across the miles
Feel you ,as a part of me
You are my light
You are the one
Who can pull me through
The darkness
And lead me safely
Into your arms
And the light
Holding me tighly
In the embrace of your love

****I SEE****

When I close my eyes
I see images of you and I
Of the love that we share for each other
I see the dreams we share
Coming true
I see you and I in a love so real
So free,so meant to be
I see us together
A future that is oh so real and right
I see us making love each night
Holding each other tightly
I see the little arguements
And the passionate make ups
I see the family trips
Doing things families do
I see us spending time together at night
Cuddling,laughing,kissing and making jokes
Being happy,safe and secure
In our love for one another
Making love until daylight
Making sure the other knows
Just how deep and intense our love is
Safe in each others arms
Gently,softly kissing and holding one another
Knowing that our love is safe,simple and pure
Entirely meant to be
Our love is real,its a feeling
Nothing,no one can destroy
I see us together now and forever
Holding on tight to a love that will never die
I love you baby



Never before
Have I felt a love so strong
A connection so binding
A knowledge of another
The love of another
The way I feel for you
When I hear you say
Those three simple words
I love you
I can feel the love in them
Whenever you say my name
Or call me darlin
I feel the love andi melt
I love you more
Than I could ever express
I love you until the end of time
I love you completely,and purely
Honestly and unconditionally
Without hestitation
Without fear
With all of the trust I have to give
I give you my heart
My mind,body and soul
I give my pledge,my vow
My eternal love for you
I give you me
I give you my life
I love you

****THINK OF YOU****
I think of you
Day and night
You make me smile
Bring joy,hope and happiness
To my life
You are the light
That leads me from the dark
You are a part of me
Of my being,my essence
I love you for who you are
Unconditionally,without fear
I love you more
Than mere words could ever say
There are no words
That could ever come close
To how I feel for you
My love grows each day
It will last into enternity
We are one,connected
By a love so strong,
So real,so true,so pure
A love meant to be
From this lifetime
Into the next

I close my eyes
I hear your voice
Imagine your touch
See your face
Smiling down at me
I close my eyes
And dream of you
Get lost in thoughts
Of me and you
And the love we share
I close my eyes
A warm feeling rushes thru me
A smile touches my lips
Eyes light up,glow brightly
I close my eyes
Hear you laugh
Hear you softly say my name
In your soft sexy drawl
And I shiver
I close my eyes
And think of us
Of our amazing love
I close my eyes
Think of you,of us
I smile.

When I close my eyes
I can see you
It used to only
Be nightmares I saw
Now I see you
I won't lie and say
The nightmares are all gone
They aren't
But they are fewer and fewer
And not so scary
Because I can feel you
Your love there with me
Keeping me safe
Saying *I'm here don't worry*
*It can't hurt you anymore*
Hearing this,feeling you
For the first time in forever
I can sleep
I feel safe
I close my eyes
And feel you
See you
Know you are here
Watching over me,protecting me
Loving me
Taking the nightmares away
Making my dreams sweet ones
Filled with thoughts of you.

When I am down
You are here for me
When I cry
You are by my side
Wiping my tears away
When I am alone
You appear
Like a guardian angel
When I feel unloved
Your love is there
Guiding the way
Reminding me
I am not alone
I am not unloved
I have you
When I falter
Lose my way
Your love guides my way back
To you,where I belong
Safe in your arms
Safe in the shelter of your love
Protected from the storms
Life throws my way
Whenever I need you
You are there for me
With you I am never alone
With you I know only love

I may push you away
I may say things to hurt you
I may not listen to what you say
I may not pay attention to what you do
I can't say I wont make a mistake
I can't say I will never hurt you
I can't say sometimes my laugh wont be fake
I can't say I wont frustrate you
There may be things I say or do
That may cause unrest between us
I know there's been a lot I have put you thru
Doubting in us .. questioning our trust
I wish I could say that all will be fine
Wish I could pretend all is well
All I can say is I love that you are mine
And only time can tell
And I am not giving up hope at all
Not giving into fear
But promising that thru each one of our falls
I will stay true and near
We may be having problems that are causing us pain
I think its time we talked this all out
Get it all in the open .. say what needs to be said
Find out what each other thinks we should do about
The problems we are having not keeping it in instead
I am willing to talk and I hope you are too
And I want for you to know .. I love you

Written 01/16/01