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About my friends


My family and friends..... who they are..... and why I love them so... what each of them mean to me and how they have impacted my life.Family and Friends are important and this is where I let each of them know how important they are to me and how much I love and appreciate each and everyone of them.


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Rob- My true love. The man who helped me find my way back to love and the light again. Who helped me see that love really does exist. I love him with all my heart and soul. We've had our ups and downs, yet my heart has always remained true to him. I love you. I always will. Unconditionally. /pounce. /hug /kiss /smooch!

Mel-She's totally awesome.She is one of the few people I have met here that are totally straight up and real.She calls shit as she sees it.She's also someone who doesn't thrive on gossip and backstabbing others.She's been here for me thru A LOT and means the world to me.There have been times I have been so lost,so confused,and she's listened,without judgement.Hugged me when I needed a hug.Listened to me cry endless tears.Has an encouraging word when I'm down or need the push ahead.She makes life here a lot nicer,easier.I feel so lucky that I met her,and thankful for her friendship.She's wonderful.An awesome wonderful person.I love her to bits.Love ya Mel /hugs,Thank you for everything

Angel- She's one of my best friends. Like a sister to me. Here for me thru so much,always willing to listen,always with a shoulder to cry or complain on. She means so much. She's kind,warm,caring,loving and fun to joke around with. I don't know what else to say except I can't see my life without her friendship being a part of it .. and poor Angel .. she's stuck with me being a part of her life! /hug /smooch!I love ya chica!

Jules- my precious Jules, One of my closest friends. Jules I love ya to death girllie. She's been there for me thru so much stuff that it's not even funny. I love talking 80s stuff with you. You always have the power to make me laugh when It feels like I never will again.I'm so happy for you and want to you find complete and total happiness in life. I love you girl always! Your stuck with me! /hug /smooch. Love ya!

Lorri ... oh what to say about her .. she's a total blast to joke around with .. always has this uncanny ability to make me laugh .. and when I need a shoulder to cry on .. or just to bitch and yell at .. she's there .. I think we became such good friends,because on so many aspects,we are very much alike.We find it easier to "run" and shut people out rather than deal with the things that hurt us.I can relate to her on a deep level.She's awesome ..... love ya Lorrikins!!!

Nate- someone who touched my life so fast. We became instant friends .. clicking right off the bat. Which is amazing since we're both so stubborn and hardheaded. His friendship means so very much to me. I can't see my life without a place for him in it. He's touched my life in so many ways, helped me thru so many things, and I honestly .. can't imagine my life without him as a part of it. He knows just when I need that nudge to talk, to open up and he's there to help me thru. Thank you Nate, for being the terrific friend that you are.

*Silas Most likely my first real friend off of CC and my first bestfriend, who was there for me from day one,helping me,talking to me,saving me.Who only knows how many countless nights we spent up on the phone talking until the sun came up.Who knows how many times or in how many ways he has saved me.Always there with an ear to listen and shoulder to cry on.The one who helped me see what was the truth and helped me get to where I am now.The first friend to ever tell me he loved me.I still rememeber when he first did,I was in such shock:-).He came here and helped me out when I needed help.He was there for me more times than I can ever count.He's a great guy,who gives his all to his friends and the best hugs around.I love ya Silas.*hugs*

*Eva what can I say to the one I love as a sister.The first real female friend I made from cc.We have so many things in common from our pasts and even our present its not funny. Sometimes when I talk to her I can just know what she is going to say next because we think the same way.She's suffered through so much,which has helped make her into the strong person she is today.She's a surviver,and a caring,loving friend.She is my sister.She is also one of my bestfriends.I love you Eva.... keep strong,things will be better soon.*huggles me sister*

*Tommy ... oh what to say,you are the one lately stuck listening to me whine and complain.Thanks!He called me on a day when I really needed a friend.On a day I felt so alone and scared.Makes me smile and laugh through the tears. Always the optimist,trying to get me to look at life the same way.So easy to talk to,can be fun,but is also shy in many ways,at least I think so.You are such a great friend.Love ya,Tommy*licks ya*

Ann- she's just awesome. She's one of the very first people I met online and we've been friends forever it seems.  I love her to death. I can count on her to tell me what she thinks, and to care and listen when I need a friend. She's been thru a lot of things, but yet, she's always a great friend to those who need her. She has a great sense of humor. I really admire the way she speaks her mind and says how she feels. She's one of my closest friends, and i know how lucky I am to have someone as wonderful as her in my life. I love her so much.

*Mich what can I say about my favourite marine... love ya so much.He's a blast to talk to and is as demented in the head as I am at times.It's great.I love it.He knows how I feel in the *dark* because he's there so much.He's caring guy who loves to listen yet,loves to try to make you forget your problems.he's great and I missed him so much when he went away.(do that again and I kick your butt dear)love ya *hugs*

Bri - well when we first met, she was so completely different from what she is like now. And now, i find myself able to talk to her and relate with her. She's done so much growing. I'm not saying she was a bad person when we met or anything, because she wasn't, she just wasn't at the place in life where she is now. We have become great friends in the last two years. I really do love having her as a part of my life. She's a good friend, a great listener and a good person. :o)

*Shaan-Oh my goodness Shaan ,I loves ya :-P always trying to get me to perk up,smile for him,look at the bright side of things.He's hilarious.Who only knows how many times he has brought me out of a depressed mood,just by being himself.No being sad allowed with himThis summer he would PM me the most ... ummmmm interesting messages *LoL*:-O He's just a BLAST!Love ya *licks your cheek*

*Jeremy-A true friend,always there,up all night like me :-P We can just talk and talk sometimes and not make any sense whatsoever.I love it!He's got a sense of humour.(though sometimes I have a hard time telling when he is joking *takes things too literally sometimes*)He's a blast to talk to and a great listener.He's kind and understanding,and just fun to be with period.He's my friend.LOve ya Jeremy.*hugs*



Tracy- Since the day we met, we were such wonderful friends, we're we girl? You've touched my life in so many ways, someone I know I can run to with anything. You make me laugh when I feel like crying. You can understand so many of the emotions and feelings I have and relate to so many of the experiences I've been thru. You are such a wonderful friend and I'm so happy I've met you. Meeting you has enriched my life. You have enriched my life.

Devvie Wevvie- You know, we've been friends thru so much, some ups and downs and some pretty messed up moments. He's the one who gave me "my song" and who is always there with a cyber smack on the side of the head saying "open your eyes, snap out of it girl" Someone who's listened to me and been such a wonderful friend, so supportive. We can be serious and we can joke around, it all goes, And I'm so happy you're my friend. /pounce /tickle /lick

Val- Oh what to say about my beautiful neighbour? I'm so thankful that Rob introduced us, even if I did "steal" you from him:D lol. Seriously, Val is terrific. She's a wonderful friend who's had some tough breaks but still .. rises above them. She's a great mom, a great person and so fun to be around. I love her to pieces!!! And I love the summers when we get to hang out out back, have BBQ's, let the kids play and we talk. It's so awesome. Aren't I just lucky to have one of the greatest women living so close to me??

B- we've remainded friends thru quite a bit haven't we? On a night I really needed a friend, he was there for me, holding me as I cried and just being a fantastic friend. We've had some fun times, some late night talks and some fun hanging out with one another. I'm glad to count him among my friends:)

JG- Such a great friend I have in him. The night we met in a chat room, I knew we were going to be friends.. the way his humour was, the way he made me laugh .. yep, it was destined to be. and I haven't regretted becoming friends even once! Even if he DOES suck and work too hard:) Seriously tho , this guy rocks. He's fun, serious, and great, a wonderful combo, right? /hugs. He's someone I count amoung my closest of friends!

Kami- we've only recently met, but already we're good friends. I really love talking to her, laughing with her and getting to know her. She certainly knows her own mind and doesn't settle for less than what she believes in. She's truly a fantastic person, and .. she has a kick ass (i'm so jealous) job. She's a good friend, easy to talk to, easy going and fun to be around. I'm so happy we've met!

Carrie- My newest of friends, I'm so happy I was introduced to her. I see so much of myself in her, of the person I was not so long ago, the person I still am at times. She's a really wonderful woman, and I hope that one day .. she can see she's fantastic and worth so much happiness and can see past her fears and see the terrific things life has in store for her. She is truly great, and I can't wait to see the day she realizes all of this:)

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