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Shattered Dreams,Broken Promises.
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Shattered Dreams,Broken Promises.
Music..... something very important to me

My poetry..... it all comes from within my heart.It is part of who I am,how I feel,what I am thinking.Usually my poetry is Dark,once in a while it is Light,and sometimes it's just in between the light and dark and just how I am feeling.My poetry comes from my soul and makes up who I am.


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You were the one there by my side
Thru so many pains,thru all my tears
Many times you listened as I cried
Listening to my hopes, my dreams, my fears
A friend thru it all, thru thick and thin
You were always there for me
Helping me find who I am deep within
The truth,the lies, you helped me see
Thru times our friendship evolved, became strong
Tho time and time I tried to push you away
When things were right, when things went wrong
There,every night and every day
But as time passed, slowly it started to die
And we grow further and further apart
And as much as I wish the truth to deny
I finally realize it's time that I start
Realizing that things and people change
And sometimes we just have to let go
Even tho it feels wrong, it feels strange
There comes a time when deep within you just know
Life goes forward and you never forget
Sometimes friendships die, sometimes they grow
And now its time to move on, and look back with no regrets

Why trust when it is always broken
Why believe when lies are spoken
Why have faith when they walk away
Why hold on yet another day
Why have dreams when the always die
Why have hope,its all a lie
Why fight for something that is no longer there
Why hold on,when you don't care
Why cry these tears that never seem to end
Why try to fix something I just can't mend
Why try to make you be there for me
Why do this anymore,I can't,I set you free

I can't take the way I feel inside
Feel as if a part of me has died
Feel alone,can't take the pain.
From me,all my feelings are drained
Don't know what to say or do
Lost everything i believed in,I knew
Cry so hard,a million tears
Feel too lost,trapped in my fears
Feel alone,don't know where to turn
Why must it hurt,each lesson we learn
Does anyone ever really care
Or do they all leave when u need them there
What's the use in believing anymore
When all this pain .. is something i can't ignore.

Shattered dreams
It was only an illusion
What I believed you felt for me
Say you love me
Say you care
But reality kicks in
And the love really isn't there
Tell me I'm the one you want
Desire to be with
In the end though
It was only a game
Wishful thinking on my part
That I could ever be something
To you,to anyone
Let myself hope and believe
That we could go somewhere
That you truly loved me
But I'm coming to see
That it was all a lie
All in my head
Cry so hard it hurts
Pain beyond words
Broken promises
Shattered Dreams


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