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My kids

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There is NOTHING more important to me in this world than my children ..... Kyler, Summer, Cole and Hope ...... they are my reason for living.They have brought me so much joy and laughter in my life.Nothing means more to me than to hear them say "I love you mommy" and to be able to say it in return.To hug them.Watching them grow over the years,watching them learn ... has  been the best times of my life.Nothing compares to the love of my children.Nothing could ever change my love for them.No matter where we are,whether it be apart,or together,they are never far from my thoughts,and always in my heart.



I don't even know what to say about my wonderful children ....... there are endless stories ..... so many things they have done,and accomplished in their short lives ...... they are the most important people in my life.I love them more than life itself.



~Kyler~ My almost teen! wow, where have the years gone, right? He's my little man .. well not so little now, I guess he's starting to grow into a real man now. He's in the 7th grade this year, and of course, hating every minute of it. He's smart even tho I know he doesn't always believe that he is. He is constantly doing things to make me proud of him, and always making me remember he's growing up. Lately we've been butting heads as he tries to assert his need for freedom, and we're starting to understand one another. He's growing too fast for my liking, but .. that's what it's all about right? He can be a hothead, but we're working on that. He loves hanging out with his friends now and gaming. The typical nearly teenaged boy, right? He's a great big brother, and he's so smart. I love him with all my heart. I'm very proud of how he's growing into his own person, now if only I could get him to clean his room!!!

~Summer~ My little "printacess" She's turning 11 this year and already boy crazed. She has such the attitude but at times can be so sweet and darling She's headstrong and stubborn and knows exactly what she wants and has no problem telling you. Like any typical girl her age, she likes make up already, boys and hates the word "no". But she's learning to accept it as a way of life. She can be such the drama queen, but we love her to death. She's very great with her younger siblings and will go after anyone who messes with them. She loves hanging with her friends and is pretty outgoing. She makes me very proud and keeps me on my toes She's very beautiful.. inside and out. Now .. If only we could tone down the snottiness at times!

~Cole~ He's 5 now and growing so fast. He's my comical child. He's always got something to say, something to add in to a conversation that will have you laughing. He's quite the entertainer. Already he knows his own mind and isn't scared to speak what's on it or what he thinks. He's a great kid. He has moments of not listening , like all Kids do, but for the most part he's pretty well behaved.

He loves cars, and playing games on his own. He also adores his baby sister and will spend hours playing with her. He's full of love and usually the one with a smile upon his face. He doesn't do cranky too often, but when he gets in that mind set .. watch out! He can be such a daredevil, trying things most kids wouldn't even think of trying. He has no concept of fear, which means he's going to turn me grey!

~Hope~ ahh our youngest, only three years old and already has such a mind of her own. there's no arguing with her when she gets an idea in her head. She's pretty easy to get along with, but if you try to pick her up or convince her to do something she's not in the mood for, boy .. do you ever know she's not down for it. She's very smart, kind and caring. She adores to cuddle and to play with her baby dolls.

She's not a girlie girl in all senses, but she does love to play dress up and put on pretty clothes. Already she's got an interest in mommy's make up and she's known to get into her big sisters stuff too. She adores shoes, she always wants more and more pairs. She's my little princess.. and such fun to be around.



So much love,so many memories ..... So many smiles ...... and so many more to come