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Pictures Of Family And Friends



My Boyfriend Rob
This is a pic of my bf Rob who means a lot to me.He makes me smile and laugh and feel good&Happy.

This is my Mom, she's a wonderful woman
I love you mom!

MY Angelic One
Angel is one of my closest and best friends.She's been there for me thru so much.
Tommy is one of my best friends who has been around for so long,and thru so much.He means alot to me

Here are some pics of some of my friends both on and offline ... My friends mean a lot to me and have been there for me thru so very much.They are special wonderful people,all who have touched my life in one way or another.

One of my bestfriends,who's been here for me thru so much.She's a great person.

Joanna *aka Cole's "daddy"*
This is Jo,She's a good friend who's been there a lot including thru cole's birth.She's wonderful.

Dana.. a good friend of mine.
This is Dana,she's been here for me thru a lot and was there for cole's birth.She's a great person!

This is Bill,He's Mel's bf and A good friend of mine.He's a pretty funny guy:o)

Shaggy .. aka.. sexy shaggy
This Is Shaggy,A good friend of mine who makes me laugh a lot and can make me smile when I'm down.
Lucy.. One of the Great People I know Here!!
She's one of the Happiest,Sweetest Women I know,Who will tell you like it is!Love her to pieces!
Kellie,A great wonderful friend of mine here in TB
Kellie is someone I admire,a fighter with a tough will and a smile for everyone.I love her tons!
This is my friend Brandy
When we get together,things can get pretty wild,She's a great friend of mine!

This is Brandy,we have a lot of fun partying together and just yapping about things.

John aka "D"
this is John one of the first people I met in Tbay who is a pretty funny guy!
This is a friend of mine that I have a lot of fun male bashing with!
Ash... Asheroonikins
Ash is someone I really have a great time talking to,serious or funny stuff.She's a great friend!

Mon Me Amour
This is Monica.. she's a good friend of mine who is fun to talk to ..

Rena and her Hubby Eric ...
Rena and Eric have been good friends of mine for a while now,Late night talks,and good venting ears

Muh Precious Jules
Jules is someone who has listened to me many times,been a supportive friend and who is very special

Ann and her brother
Ann is someone who has been a great friend to me,and is someone I can count on to be blunt.

Jess and her BF Jason .. don't they look cute?
Jessica is someone who is great at listening and is a good friend of mine.She's down to earth.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary
Mary is a great friend,fun to talk with,great to cause havoc with and just all around a great person

Jenn .. Peachez
Jenn is someone I enjoy shooting the breeze with and talking to.She's funny and bright and so cool.


Just some extra pics of friends already on the page ... enjoy:o)

Tommy And Monica
Aren't they so cute together?This is Tommy and Mon at their wedding:o)

Brandy and Cheryl
This is Brandy and Cheryl one night partying.Don't they look like they are having fun!

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Bill... Doesn't he just look SOO cute in his dress
Bill at halloween ... waiting for any man to come and take him;o)

Another pic of My Mel.. She's my closest friend in Thunder Bay and I love her tons.She's fantastic