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Rape,it's a nightmare that never ends,that is all too common. It happens more than you think.If you've been raped,you are not alone.

      **Her Night Out**
She gets ready with anticipation in her eyes
Finally a date with someone she had really liked a lot
A night out on the town,such a wonderful guy
But a night of dreams come true,it's not
Movies,dinner, it all seemed so very fine
Walking and all was going the way she had dreamt
Walking home,smiling,hands entwined
No idea that soon,she'd wish she had never went
Things were going so well,that she invited him in
For a drink and a talk,keep the fun night going
Then things changed so fast,it made her head spin
A simple kiss,turned into more,she had no way of knowing
Suddenly his hands,were touching her everywhere
And she felt chilled and scared,told him to stop please
What was about to occur she was completely unaware
How he ignored her saying stop,her cries and her pleas
She begged him to stop,to get off of her
But he kept on going,pinning her down,taking his pleasure
She had no idea this nightmare to her,could occur
That to her,he would do this,do what he wanted at his leisure
Telling her it felt right,it was what they both wanted
Finally it was over,and he left without a word
Leaving her there,torn apart,eyes haunted
Trying to fit together the pieces of what just occured
Left there to hurt,to cry,to hate herself,and him
Full of pain,and nightmares,not knowing what she should do
Full of self hatred,seeded deep within
Blaming herself for what she just went through
Thinking she did something wrong,to lead him on
Not knowing what to do,from this nightmare she couldn't escape
In this vicious cycle of abuse,she was his pawn
Another victim of the nightmare,a victim of rape

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