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Battle Between the Light and Dark

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There is this constant battle raging in my mind between the *light* and the *dark* Sometimes it's like I'm an observer in my own mind,unable to cease the inner struggles I am facing.


I slowly walk through the Dark Valley of my mind ... struggling so hard to find who it I am.Am I 'Dark' or somewhere deep within me is their light? What will be the outcome of this frustrating,neverending fight.I feel as if I am engaged in a constant battle for my very life.I ask myself everyday ..... should I chose the dark .... will it's promises of freedom from my mind be true if I do or will it be yet another cruel deception.Do I chose the light and take my chances on being destroyed yet again... no matter which choice I make,in the end,I will only lose in some way.


The battle between the light and the dark is a daily fight for me.It;s a constant war taking place in my head, invading my mind.As I struggle to battle these thoughts of mine,I am always asking myself, what is the point? Why strive to reside in the light, if it only leads to the dark anyways.
  The dark respresents so much to me.It represents freedom from all that has occured in my life, freedom from the hurt and pain and anguish.It respresents and end to this travisty I call my life. An end to the tears and to my fears.
  The light respresents living a life I have only glimpsed briefly.A life full of love, laughter and happiness. A life that is full of beautiful days and wonderous nights. The light is frightening to me, It's somewhere I have only ventured into occasionally, and when have attempted to do so has only lead to more hurt and pain .... taking me back down the path of darkness.
  To me,it seems,in the end, no matter what path I chose to take,whether the 'light' wins or the 'dark' wins, it always leads back to the dark ..... So why emerge from somewhere that has sheltered me for so long.Why hope for a brighter day, when there is none. 
  The battle can become intense on occasion,terrifying at times.It's like there are a million of voices screaming at me ...... tearing my mind into millions of pieces, consuming me .... trying to destroy me. Taking my choices away from me, forcing it's will, whatever that may be upon me.I just want to give into the darkness,make the voices stop,make it all stop.

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