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Abuse... It's something that is only too common in today's society.And is something that more people need to be aware of ... and educated on.This page isn't about that.It's just a page dedicated to poems and stories of abuse........


The Girl In The Mirror

The sound of her tormented tears
Just breaks my heart
The sound of her pleas,her fears
Tears my soul apart
Seeing that scared look upon her face
Always makes me cry
Knowing how she longs for a comforting embrace
That inside she yearns to die
Seeing the bruises,covering from head to toe
Breaks my heart even more
Knowing she's too afraid to go
Too frightened to walk out the door
Hearing her excuses,saying he'll change
Believing,one day,the abuse will end
Telling herself,it's her,not him who's deranged
Convincing herself she doesn't need a friend
Telling herself time and time again
He's all she needs to live
Saying she loves him,and change him,she can
That she'll give him all she can give
That is she didn't always make him so mad
He wouldn't have to hit her anymore
It just makes me so sad
Knowing,he'll eventually kill her for sure
Sadly,I look at her,as she continues to cry
And my heart just aches
And knowing that I can no longer deny
What it is that really makes my heart break
Is that the girl I'm looking at,but can't really see
Thru my tears,in the mirror,is me.


You hit me,hurt me
Beat me black and blue
Called me names,wouldn't let me be
Degraded and belittled me,till I believed it true
Threw me into walls,kicked me around
Terrified,frightened me,made me wish I'd die
Told me you'd kill me,my body'd never be found
Filled my head with all your lies
I gave you my love and my heart
And tried to believe you'd change
You took that trust and you tore me apart
To suit what you wanted,my life,I rearranged
You destroyed the way I saw myself and others
You made me feel so little and low
Made it hard to put my trust in another
How you hurt me,you'll never really know
Depite all this,I'm still here,I'm moving on
Taking back my life,claiming it as my own
I'm stronger now,fighting to survive,now that your gone
Seeing myself better than I've ever known
You tried to take away my faith in life
By beating me until I could not see
But I'm here and fighting,happy to be alive
Stronger and better,living my life for me.


Inside An Abused Woman's Head

What goes on inside an abused woman's head
What's she thinking in her mind
On rocky waters she treads
Leaving her self worth behind
She believes in each and every one of the lies
Her abusers drum into her each day
She is ashamed of the tears she cries
Watches each and every word she may say
she sees herself as worthless, a no one
And believes no one understands or cares
She doesn't know she has the option to run
So she takes his "punishments" and stays there
She doesn't think things will ever change
Doesn't see herself worth more
The way she sees herself,he's rearranged
By pounding her head into the floor
No one can really understand
Unless they've been in her shoes
The idea is so hard for some to comprehend
Why she stays,when he beats her black and blue
She hides behind her wall of shame and denial
Too afraid to speak up and make him stop
Afraid that his temper she will rile
Too afraid to go to the cops
She believes all that he says to her
When he says she deserves what he's doing
Many have a hard time accepting this occurs
And don't know why,this life,she keeps pursueing
Her mind is bruised and battered
Her body is black and blue
Each of her dreams have been shattered
But she's adraid to leave and start anew
She's like a tiny little mouse inside
Afraid to venture out and leave
She can only withdraw into her mind and hide
Because of all the abuse,his lies,she believes
The ways of her mind are complicated and misunderstood
She doesn't know any other way
She would leave him if she felt she could
But instead, she thinks she can't,and she stays
She can only hold her breath and pray
He doesn't beat her tonight
She dreams of a day she can get away
And hope he doesn't kill her first,in their next fight


The Little Girl

Cowering in fear,hidden under her bed
A five year old child lays,quiet as can be
Tears down her face,are constantly shed
Never heard murmuring her constant,almost silent plea
Footsteps sound heavily down the hall
Coming closer and closer to where she hides in fear
She squeezes in closer,against the wall
Frightened,yet too afraid to shed another tear
Silent she lays,hoping she won't be found
Her door opens and she tries hard not to cry
She knows what happens whenever he's around
And even this young,she wishes to die
His footsteps slowly approach where she lay
And she tried so hard not to make a noise at all
She hates the "game" that he makes her play
For help,she really wishes she could call
But she's learnt that no one will come,no one cares
That she must endure this constant torture and pain
She really wishes that someone was there
Because what he is doing,is driving her slowly insane
She hears his laugh as he looks for her
An evil sound that makes her cringe and cower more
She wonders in her childish mind,why this must occur
His voice,his touch,his hands,all chill her to the core
Slowly he lifts up the covers and pulls her from under the bed
And she begs with him to leave her alone
But he throws her down and makes her play their "game" instead
This young child,abused and raped in her own home

A single tear
Rolls down the face
Of a helpless child
Begging for help
Begging for mercy
Wishing for an end
For a friend
To be saved
Begging for understanding
Searching for love
Needing acceptance
Needing reassurance
Grasping at hands
Reaching out for help
Reaching out for compassion
But recieving none
Needing to be saved
Taken from where they are
Yet,no one comes
No one hears
Their screams in the night
No one sees
The tears as they fall
No one hears
The begging and pleading
The dreams and wishes
The needs and wants
Of an abused child.

Anyone can be abused.The vicious cycle of abuse doesn't discriminate.Someone of any race,religion,age,male or female, lower,middle or upper class,can be a victim of abuse.Just as anyone can be a victim,anyone can be the abuser.A mother,a father,a sibling,another family member,a neighbour,a member of clergy,a lawyer,a doctor,a teacher, a stranger,a trusted friend.It doesn't matter who,It can be anyone.
There are so many different forms of abuse,for example,Child Abuse,Physical Abuse,Emotional Abuse, and Sexual Abuse. Sometimes all forms of abuse are occuring,while in other cases,it is one or two. Either way,it's too much,and happens too often.Sometimes the victim makes a plea for help,tries to stop it,tells someone,but in many cases they are too frightened,or don't know any other way of life,and think that it's "normal", and in other cases,lives in denial that it is happening to them or to someone that they know.So many people don't want to admit that it can happen in their family,or to someone in their neightbourhood, that they close their eyes to it,and try to pretend that it is not occuring.But,by closing your eyes to this horrendous crime,you're not doing anything but allowing it to continue, it's destrauctive,harmful pattern.
A woman constantly put down by her husband, told that her thoughts and feelings don't matter,who has her rights limited,her friendships "monitered" by her spouse,is being emotionally abused.A child who is hit,beaten and belittled,is being abused.A woman forced by her partner,or a male forced by his partner,to perform sexual activities that they don't like or feel uncomfortable with,or don't want to participate in,is being sexually abused.
Abuse doesn't always leave visable marks or bruises,but the emotional scarring can last for years,quite often for the rest of the victims life.
Why do people live in denial?Try to pretend it's not really happening? There are no easy answers to this question.
A loving mother,who cares for her child,is told that daddy is touching their six year old daughter in inappropiate ways,tells her child that she is wrong,mistaken or lying for attention.Why?It's not because she doesn't love her child,it's that she doesn't want to believe that her husband,a man she loves and trusts is capable of such a hideous act against their own flesh and blood.So she closes her eyes,and tries to convince herself that her daughter is making it up for attention.
A eight year old boy comes to school,is withdrawn, beligerent, with constant bruises.The teacher sees this,but the child's parents are "professionals" and Pillars of the community,therefore,it can not be abuse. So they try to write it off with another explanation,such as the child is anti social,has some kind of disability, is rude or clumsy.
A housewife,whose husband is a prominent figure in the community,is constantly in the ER for "falls" and "accidents", yet because of his position in society,it can't be abuse.
Time and time again,what should be obvious,is ignored,denied, because people don't want to believe that someone they know,or an upstanding citizen can be capable of being abusive.
The examples that I can give are endless,and heartbreaking. Yet so many people still continue to close their eyes and deny that it exists. So many people turn the other way,try to brush it off as something else,something more acceptable,instead of recognizing it for what it is and doing something to put a stop to it.
If you suspect someone is being abused,talk to them, or if it's a child,call the proper authorities,get them out of that situation before it is too late.
If you are being abused,remember that it is NOT your fault,and that you are not alone.There are so many others like you,in the same situation,or who were in the same situation,who can help you get away,and go somewhere safe.There are places that you can go,to get help and to put an end to it.People who care.
Just remember one thing... when you are talking to someone that you suspect is being abused,or you know is being abused.Be patient with them.Give them time to build enough trust to confide in you.Don't push them.Listen to them,but don't judge them.Don't tell them or hint in any way that you think that it is their fault or that they did something to deserve it. Because,no matter what,it is NEVER the victims fault,no matter what the circumstances. Encourage them to get help.To seek safety. But if they aren't ready,continue to be there for them,supporting them as best as you can,and being as good of a friend as you can be.But the best thing that you can do in this situation,is to listen and be supportive.